The Rouge Brewers Coalition Homebrew Club

Who are we? We the Rogue Brewers Homebrew Club and we are in search of the those with adventurous palates that enjoy the endless possibilities found in the art of homebrewing.

Where do we meet? Currently our meetings are taking place at the newly opened ‘The Grain Cellar‘.  Please email us for more information if you wish to attend one of our meetings (

When do we Meet? We meet the last Friday of the month. We usually get started around 7:00pm and try to wrap up around 9:00pm.

What we offer? Camaraderie and several decades of combined homebrewing experience.  If you are a member you do get a discount at Backyard and new shirts are on the way.

How do you join? Come to one of our meetings we’d be happy to see you or contact us for more info.  You can also pay your dues via PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

Looking for more info on our homebrew club? If you have a question or want more information send us a  message on our contact Us page.  We are pretty laid back group and chances are you will always find one of us at Backyard.  If you are looking for a homebrew club that likes to brew please come check us out see if we are the right fit.



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